3rd Annual Fetish Awards: Nominations Closed

3rd Annual Fetish Awards

May 03rd – June 15th

The nomination period will last from May 03, 2018 – June 15, 2018 at 11:59:59pm EST

Each category allows you to nominate up to three (3) different people/companies who you feel deserve recognition within the industry. You do not have to nominate someone in every category, only the ones you wish to participate in!

NOTE: Duplicate nominations in any category will not be counted. For Example: Entering the same name three (3) times will only count as one (1) nomination per category.

IMPORTANT: All votes are limited to one (1) submission/vote per person! Any votes found to be accessed by a computer generated bot program or other bot service are considered invalid and they are automatically marked by our software as invalid/void.

Only completed votes will be counted, so make sure you SUBMIT your choices at the end!